Hello ?, Welcome to **QubitTech**. I am Ikenna Eric and I can assure you that you’re in for an opportunity that will change the trajectory of your financial life forever.  

**What Is QubitTech?**

QubitTech is a High Yield crypto investment platform. Launched by CEO Greg Lemon on the 1st of October 2020 in Dubai. 

QubitTech is expanding massively with multiple offices around the world including Nigeria ??. And I am part of the team here in Nigeria ?

**How Does QubitTech Work?**

When you invest in QubitTech by purchasing a Digital License, you’ll be receiving **25%** monthly for **10** consecutive months.

For Instance: John invests $500, as a result, John receives **$125** every single month for 10 months. That’s a total of $1,250 at the end of the 10th month and $750 in profit ?

**The lowest Digital License is $100 and it goes up to $100,000. 25% monthly returns on all packages.**

**Can I Make More Money On QubitTech?**

Yes, you can. Apart from the 25% monthly returns which are fixed. You stand a chance to earn more on the referral program. When you refer a friend to QubitTech, you earn stand a chance to earn from **6% – 9%** of the license purchased by your down line.

For Instance: Mary invites John to QubitTech, and John purchased a $500 Digital License. Mary will receive **$45** as a direct bonus from John’s investment. 

You also earn more in form of spillovers when you sign up under a strong leader on the platform. That’s why I need you on my team ?

**When Can I Withdraw My Earnings And What’s The Minimum Withdrawal?**

Minimum withdrawal on QubitTech is **$10** and you can withdraw once every 24 hours.

**My Personal Experience On QubitTech?**

I joined QubitTech on the 4th of October 2020 with a $100 investment. And now I’ve made over $2,100 in profit and I’ve increased my investment to $500. This was possible because I brought in a lot of people to QubitTech and my team members are crushing it ?. We are one Big Family ❤️

**How To Join My Team On QubitTech?**

First you’ll need to sign up on the website using my link https://qubittech.ai/raaRwd

Then you send me a direct message on telegram @ikennafx or WhatsApp Wa.me/2349065049766

Am always available to help me team members grow and make more on QubitTech.

I’ll be posting my daily profits on the telegram group chat ?, you can ask your questions anytime. 

Let’s Make This Money ?